What Type of Veil is Best for You?


Wedding day attire has changed throughout time, but one component that remains the same is the wearing of a wedding veil. The history of the wedding veil goes back to ancient Greek times, but regardless of the reason why brides still choose to wear them, how do you know what type of veil is best for you?

Although there are no rules when it comes to choosing the style of veil for your wedding day, two things to keep in mind are: veils reflect the formality of your ceremony and should logistically make sense with your ceremony location.

Just as there are many dress styles, there are several types of veils. The longest veil, known as a Cathedral veil, is used in the most formal weddings and typically taking place indoors. If you are having an outdoor ceremony you may want to factor in the elements. The last thing you want to worry about is the wind blowing your veil in your face, or risk it being caught in bushes or even snagging on concrete.


Other veil types include the shoulder (also known as a flyaway veil), fingertip, and chapel lengths. A shoulder is a short wispy veil, typically multi-layered that sweeps the shoulders, while a fingertip veil reaches below the waist and brushes at the fingertips. And a chapel veil extends to the floor trailing the bride.


Fingertip 2


Whatever the length you choose, the veil should look however you want it to: simple or elaborate, embellished with jewels or plain. It should be a beautiful accessory to your dress, but not a distraction. When selecting your wedding veil, may it complement you, your dress, and your ceremony site.


Written by:  Lauren Allen, Director of Sales and Marketing

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