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Drum Cafe South

So you’re planning the annual Company Retreat and your CEO has asked you to incorporate a “new” teambuilding activity. He or She is tired of the same old routine that has been done for years and wants something that is really going to have people connect to one another and have them talking about it for months. Something that He or She can refer to throughout the year versus something that you do because it’s on the itinerary and then it’s never discussed it again. Where do you begin?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

– Get outside! You’ve been in training/continuing education meetings for days; take the group out for some fresh air and get them out of their comfort zone. Consider going to places that offer Zip Lining, Hiking or a Water Sport. These activities are fun and can help teach trust and leaning on each other for support.

– Host a Competition in the Kitchen, if your venue does not allow groups in their kitchen find a local culinary school. Seems easy and not very “teambuilding” like, right? Wrong. Imagine your group being broken into groups of 4-5 members. Each team has 15 minutes to come up with a menu; this is now when the true teambuilding aspect comes into play. Each team member has only 10 minutes in the kitchen, at the end of 10 minutes the next team member steps in and picks up where the last member left off. Will they complete their meal? Will it be the same menu they initially set out to create? This simple activity that we typically do at home for our families becomes a lesson about working together and clearly communicating your needs.

– Play some music. No, I am not talking about turning on the radio to dance; I am talking about actually playing some instruments and making music together. Local music schools and recording studios are great places to look into. Often times they not only have all of the instruments but they also have equipment to record your group singing, strumming and drumming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone leave with not only pictures of the activity but also a CD of something they created together? This one is definitely something “new” plus you might even learn that you have some great musical talents within your group!

Just remember to keep the group engaged you need to keep the activity fun, keep the energy high and keep the overall message clear.

My picks for Vintage Villas:
Some of my personal favorite Teambuilding Activities near Vintage Villas include Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures, Just for Fun Boat Rentals, Silver Whisk and The Musician’s Woodshed. Check them out the next time you are planning a Retreat in the area.

My Favorite on-site Activity to Date:
A few weeks ago I was introduced to a great company that travels to the meeting location, Drum Café South. Talk about high energy and engagement! They were so much fun! The corporate group had individuals from all over the world at this particular meeting and this Teambuilding Activity really pulled all of them together! Their meeting planner got it right!

By: Mallory Voorheis, IOM :: Corporate Sales Manager :: Vintage Villas Hotel & Events

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