Menu Tasting: How to Make the Most of your VV Tasting

The wedding planning is coming along and all the details are finally being put together! As your wedding approaches you need to finalize your menu and the best way to do that is attend a tasting. At Vintage Villas we offer a menu tasting every other month. We ask our Brides and Grooms for recommendations based on what they want on their actual wedding menu and pass it along to our Chef who finalizes the menu for the tasting.

Before you come for your tasting here are a few things to note for you to make the most out of this fun event!

Food Service starts promptly at the start time of the event.

The time sent out by our sales team is the time our appetizers will start being served. We make just enough for all the RSVPS so it’s important you arrive on time to try them while their hot!

Where’s my wine?

The bar is just as important as tasting the food! Our staff will be passing our house red wine, white wine, and champagne for you to try.

Is this the size of my wedding entrée?

It’s a tasting! The goal is to be able to sample more of smaller portions. We provide an assortment of stations, appetizers, sides, and entrees so you can be able to taste more. The menu tasting isn’t supposed to be a meal replacement for your day but a way to try your possible wedding menu choices.

I wanted to try…

We understand that there are a lot of menu options you may be interested in trying. We serve 2-3 entrees from different menus, and therefore cannot accommodate every request you may have. We hope that our tasting will give you a good idea of the quality and variety of food that we serve.

I have some questions about my wedding…

That’s great, your Sales Manager will be attending the tasting as well and will be available to go over any questions you have.


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