Meet the Chef

Chef & Cartoon

Chef Steve and his look-alike Linguini from Ratatouille

Commonly referred to as “Chef” around Vintage Villas, our Executive Chef Steve Michalzik has been creating inspired dishes for our clients since 2004.

Chef Steve is a health conscious, easy-going, tri-athlete that often rides his bike to Vintage Villas from his home in South Austin.

He prepares menus ranging from authentic Texas Barbecue to an Asian Fusion cuisine that includes wasabi mashed potatoes. Yum! Steve is seasoned in accommodating your guests’ vegetarian and vegan needs and is attentive to anyone with dietary restrictions.

Clients and guests alike compliment our chef’s food on a daily basis and we never get tired of hearing the great feedback! Vintage Villas is proud to have “Chef” Steve Michalzik as an integral part of the team.

The food was so delicious. I received compliments the entire night about how good the food was! It not only looked delicious but it tasted amazing as well!” – May 25, 2013 Bride

Written by:  Lauren Allen, Director of Sales and Marketing

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