Creative Twists to the Traditional Guest Book

When getting your engagement photos done, order a larger canvas of your favorite photo.

At the wedding, your guests can sign the canvas, and you can have a memory

of your wedding worth hanging on your wall!

Create a unique and personal guest book for you to cherish forever.

Ask guests to write a note to the happy couple,

place the keepsake on the branches of the tree, as leaves, to fill the family tree.

Another twist to the “Family Tree” guest book, is to have guests use their thumbprint as leaves,

then sign their fingerprint.

The couple has the initial of their last name that the guests can sign,

making a personal touch for any wall space.

The couple could set up an easel, paint, and paint brushes for guests to leave their mark.

The couple then adds this new painting into their art collection at home.

This makes for a very modern piece of art in your home.

No matter which option you choose for your guest book, make sure it is something you’re happy with. Guest books are often overlooked as the years pass, but these new ideas could keep the memory of your wedding as part of your daily life. You never want to forget the people who helped make your weddings so special, so unique.

Your guest book could be the center point of a room in your home, without people knowing it was the guest book for your wedding! Most of all, have fun with it!  There is no need to take it too seriously. Anything that stems away from the traditional guest book will catch your guests’ eye and be a detail that they will remember!

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