Sweet Love

[A couple unique alternatives to the classic wedding cake]

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Adorable candy bars are always fun and unique for any wedding! You can create your own to fit almost any style, with any color scheme. I love the old timey style candy bar like in picture one. There’s always something yummy for every guest, so you cant go wrong!


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Cake pops are perfect bite sized pieces of cake that do not require any silverware or plates. They can be made in infinite combinations of shapes and colors to match your wedding style. Everyone can eat as much or as little as they prefer (though we all know more is better when it comes to tasty cake)!


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Cupcakes are another cute way to serve cake in a little bit of a different way. Everyone loves cupcakes, and there are so many potential decorations to adorn them with! They are the happy medium between the size of cake pops and a traditional wedding slice. It’s so easy to tie together a themed wedding with adorable cupcake decorations that each guest gets to enjoy close up and personal!


Vintage Villas featured in Austin Monthly magazine

 Pick up your copy today of the Austin Monthly magazine featuring six themed weddings showcasing the bride and groom’s true styles. We are so excited that Christy & Daniel’s big day at Vintage Villas was chosen – it was definitely a festive fiesta!

Photos by Lauren Guy Photography


DIY wedding weekend.

My favorite kind of wedding is DIY and the weddings here at Vintage Villas this weekend
were definitely that.  DIY flowers, signs, centerpieces, & more!

Left to right: centerpiece floral designed by the bride (!), apple pie pops as favors,
and vintage bottles hung from the gazebo

Top: Hand stamped dictionary sheets & flowers by Petal Pushers.
Bottom: Fun vintage candy bar.

Extra Pizazz toYour Wedding Day

Brides will always find themselves swamped with details and details and more details.  Sometimes those personal touches for your guests become overlooked. I see PLENTY of weddings and it is those little touches I just love!  In the midst of peak season I have hand picked a few of my favorite ideas for your guests to enjoy.

Paper straws in your main wedding color is always a hit, and they are the most simple thing.
Find them here. Pictures via.

Paper bags can be bought at your local grocery store at $1.50 for about 200 bags.
The favor bags above were a DIY project I did. We did around 180 bags. Hole punched, strung ribbon through and stamped each bag by hand = 4 hours of man time with 5 bridesmaids. Plus, pretty packaging makes the guest feel even sweeter!
Picture via.

Craft seating cards. this display was done by Bouquets of Austin for a recent wedding here at Vintage Villas (sorry for my fuzzy iPhone picture).  This was done by taking the glass out of a picture frame, pouring sand with in the frame, and placing each hand stamped seating card in the sand with succulents surrounding. Easy DIY if I say so myself!

Custom cake toppers are all the rage right now. etsy.com is a good resource for these cuties.
Pictures via & via.

Have Bake Sale Come to You!

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is the candy and desert bars. Anything from the classic cake table to the extraordinary sweets bar, I love it all!   The Vintage Villas sales team had the opportunity last week to meet Andrea Duty of Bake Sale and taste her sweet treats!  Bake Sale delivers daily & can create a customizable dessert buffet (yes buffet!) for your special event.  Jump on the bandwagon and have Bake Sale “bring your sweet visions to life”!