Creative Twists to the Traditional Guest Book

When getting your engagement photos done, order a larger canvas of your favorite photo.

At the wedding, your guests can sign the canvas, and you can have a memory

of your wedding worth hanging on your wall!

Create a unique and personal guest book for you to cherish forever.

Ask guests to write a note to the happy couple,

place the keepsake on the branches of the tree, as leaves, to fill the family tree.

Another twist to the “Family Tree” guest book, is to have guests use their thumbprint as leaves,

then sign their fingerprint.

The couple has the initial of their last name that the guests can sign,

making a personal touch for any wall space.

The couple could set up an easel, paint, and paint brushes for guests to leave their mark.

The couple then adds this new painting into their art collection at home.

This makes for a very modern piece of art in your home.

No matter which option you choose for your guest book, make sure it is something you’re happy with. Guest books are often overlooked as the years pass, but these new ideas could keep the memory of your wedding as part of your daily life. You never want to forget the people who helped make your weddings so special, so unique.

Your guest book could be the center point of a room in your home, without people knowing it was the guest book for your wedding! Most of all, have fun with it!  There is no need to take it too seriously. Anything that stems away from the traditional guest book will catch your guests’ eye and be a detail that they will remember!

Sweet Love

[A couple unique alternatives to the classic wedding cake]

Pic 1    Pic 2     Pic 3

Adorable candy bars are always fun and unique for any wedding! You can create your own to fit almost any style, with any color scheme. I love the old timey style candy bar like in picture one. There’s always something yummy for every guest, so you cant go wrong!


Pic 1   Pic 2    Pic 3

Cake pops are perfect bite sized pieces of cake that do not require any silverware or plates. They can be made in infinite combinations of shapes and colors to match your wedding style. Everyone can eat as much or as little as they prefer (though we all know more is better when it comes to tasty cake)!


Pic 1  Pic 2   Pic 3

Cupcakes are another cute way to serve cake in a little bit of a different way. Everyone loves cupcakes, and there are so many potential decorations to adorn them with! They are the happy medium between the size of cake pops and a traditional wedding slice. It’s so easy to tie together a themed wedding with adorable cupcake decorations that each guest gets to enjoy close up and personal!


Summer Trends I Love

As you could’ve guessed, Summer is a time for bright, bold colors and flowers galore! This Summer is no exception; in fact, bright floral centerpieces are all the rage. Teal, orange, pink, green, violet, and yellow to name a few… Tables this Summer are covered in floral arrangements and beautiful, bold accessories. I love the pop of color on a white table, or with a bright table runner to match.

This classic pink fade centerpiece is beautiful for a more traditional wedding!

I love these bright arrangements for an outdoor wedding!

Get creative using decorative wine glasses with the floral centerpieces!

This is a great non-traditional arrangement that incorporates more than just your average blossom!

Vintage Villas featured in Austin Monthly magazine

 Pick up your copy today of the Austin Monthly magazine featuring six themed weddings showcasing the bride and groom’s true styles. We are so excited that Christy & Daniel’s big day at Vintage Villas was chosen – it was definitely a festive fiesta!

Photos by Lauren Guy Photography


DIY wedding weekend.

My favorite kind of wedding is DIY and the weddings here at Vintage Villas this weekend
were definitely that.  DIY flowers, signs, centerpieces, & more!

Left to right: centerpiece floral designed by the bride (!), apple pie pops as favors,
and vintage bottles hung from the gazebo

Top: Hand stamped dictionary sheets & flowers by Petal Pushers.
Bottom: Fun vintage candy bar.

Extra Pizazz toYour Wedding Day

Brides will always find themselves swamped with details and details and more details.  Sometimes those personal touches for your guests become overlooked. I see PLENTY of weddings and it is those little touches I just love!  In the midst of peak season I have hand picked a few of my favorite ideas for your guests to enjoy.

Paper straws in your main wedding color is always a hit, and they are the most simple thing.
Find them here. Pictures via.

Paper bags can be bought at your local grocery store at $1.50 for about 200 bags.
The favor bags above were a DIY project I did. We did around 180 bags. Hole punched, strung ribbon through and stamped each bag by hand = 4 hours of man time with 5 bridesmaids. Plus, pretty packaging makes the guest feel even sweeter!
Picture via.

Craft seating cards. this display was done by Bouquets of Austin for a recent wedding here at Vintage Villas (sorry for my fuzzy iPhone picture).  This was done by taking the glass out of a picture frame, pouring sand with in the frame, and placing each hand stamped seating card in the sand with succulents surrounding. Easy DIY if I say so myself!

Custom cake toppers are all the rage right now. is a good resource for these cuties.
Pictures via & via.

Bridal Shower

As the maid of honor for a friend I threw a bridal shower back in June at Sugarbaby’s Cupcake Boutique in Houston. This was THE place to hold my party – with a black and white palette the color ideas were endless.  I brainstormed themes for weeks and when i came across the cutest invites on Pear Tree I just knew it had to be kitchen/recipe themed. I scoured Pinterest for color combos.



And you know once you are on Pinterest you are inspired by many other lovely images like these:

which turned into this:

On my wooden forks, spoons, and spatulas I printed sayings out like – “Khara & Nathan – Spoon to be wed!”, “Khara & Nathan – Together fork ever!”, & “Khara & Nathan – So flipping cute!” then tied them on with red ribbon.  I made the paper flowers following these instructions.  We had mimosas, cupcakes, and chit-chatted majority of the time.

love is sweet.

adorable “chandelier” lamps in the room.

All the guests brought their favorite recipe with kitchen appliances or dinnerware to make the recipe.  The bride was in total happiness opening everything; she thought it was the perfect party for becoming a new wife!  Fun, fun times with the bestie!!


Since discovering Etsy about 3 years ago I find myself researching one thing specific like hammocks. Then before I know it I follow a trail that lands me somewhere amazingly unexpected like to a vintage book wreath. I am always shocked how many tabs/windows I have opened at once. Lately though I have been finding myself following a wedding inspired trail.

Head over heels for these Mr. & Mrs. signs
Image via Pink Posh

I have been a little obsessed with clothespins lately
Image via He and She Photography

Love banners are so in
Image via Krista Mason

Labor of love favors
Image via He and She Photography

I LOVE researching, learning, and being inspired and sharing what I come across.  Stay tuned for a DIY bridal shower I have been planning!