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Thank you notes.  They are not the most fun, but definitely a necessary part of your wedding.  Thanking your guests for partaking in your special day with you is just the polite thing to do. When thanking your guests, make sure to thank them for not only the gift they gave but also for coming to the wedding.  Let them know how much it meant to you to have them there to help celebrate your special day.  It will make them feel great knowing that their presence meant so much to you. After letting your guest know you were grateful for having them at your wedding, be sure to thank them for their gift to you.  Be specific in what they gave you and make the note personal.  In order to do this, when opening your presents, make sure to keep a detailed list of who gave you what.  If you didn’t have a gift registry, but just had guests help contribute to your honeymoon, then let them know a few fun specific things you did on your honeymoon that they helped to pay for. Also, make sure your thank you notes are handwritten and not sent over email or a Facebook message.  Although sending thank you’s over the internet may be quicker, easier and free, it is just cheap.  So don’t do it. A cool idea for your thank you cards would be to include a QR code on the back so your guests can scan it and view all of your wedding pictures online if they wish.  It’s a fun new idea that your guests have probably never seen before! Last but not least, make sure to get your thank you cards out within three months of either receiving the gift or from your wedding, whichever one applies.

Below are some ideas for your thank you cards:


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I think this idea of having a picture of you both on your wedding day is great.  Your guests will love to keep your card around for a while just to remember your fun day.


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The idea of a postcard for your thank you’s is so cute (and less expensive when buying postage)!  You can have pictures from your wedding day or honeymoon on the front and then write your note on the back. Have fun creating and writing your thank you’s!

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Written by:  Mary Gividen, Wedding Sales Assistant

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