Make Your Bouquet Memorable

Personalizing your bouquet can be a fun way to add some character to it as well as making it a great keepsake from your big day to forever display in your home.  There are many ways to make your bridal bouquet unique and fit you.  Here are some of those ways you may want to try. Charms or broaches can be a great way to bring a little bling to your bouquet as well as making it more personalized.  I’ve seen some brides add one or two broaches to their bouquet or even have their whole bouquet made out of broaches and charms because they carry significance to the bride.  Whether it be their grandma’s or received from a good friend a few years back, they help add special memories to your bouquet. 5961980f5756fdea4301142d13ab0318[1] Having the initial of your new last name on your bouquet is a great idea as well.  The initial could either be in the flowers or on the stem of your bouquet.  The initial of your new last name on your bouquet would be a nice way to symbolize entering this new chapter of your life. Capture      Rhinestone-Monogrammed-Bouquet-Wrap[1] A unique way to remember loved ones who cannot be there on your big day is to hang a small picture of them on your bouquet.  I’ve seen brides do this before and it really made their bouquet so much more special and sentimental.  It is a wonderful way to pay tribute to family members (or loved pets) who have gone before. il_570xN.490049387_2id2[1] Another way to personalize your bouquet while making it look beautiful is to add some fabric of significance.  You could wrap the stem of your bouquet with fabric from your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress.  It would help add some elegance to your bouquet as well as making it very unique to you. Southern-weddings-lace-wrap-bouquet[1] Last but not least, you could add something to your bouquet that reminds you of your relationship with your new husband and how far you both have already come.  You could incorporate some herbs into your bouquet that remind you of a certain scent from a great vacation or date you went on.  Maybe your husband bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers when you were dating that you just loved, and you could incorporate those types of flowers into your bridal bouquet.  Whatever you choose, something memorable from your relationship may be fun to incorporate into your bridal bouquet. Herb Bouquet

Written by:  Mary Gividen, Wedding Sales Assistant

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