Have You Planned for After Your Reception?

You’ve spent months planning your wedding, have possibly had a few good (and bad) dreams about tying the knot and most likely have spent more money than you originally planned. Then the day comes and it’s better than you could have ever imagined! The end of the reception comes quickly and your guests give you and your new groom a grand send-off. Now what? What happens to all of the little details that have made your day so uniquely yours? Who is responsible for taking your gifts, your extra cake, and the heirloom champagne flutes your grandparents toasted with on their wedding day???

During your wedding planning be sure to plan for after the reception. Delegate responsibility to your parents, bridal party and family members (choose those who will most likely be sober) to take your personal items after the send-off. We suggest hiring a professional wedding planner to gather your things, but still make sure you know where to find your guest book the next day along with the handkerchief your mom gave you to carry down the aisle. Remember that planning and organizing beforehand is one of the best ways to make sure your wedding day is smooth and stress free. Soak up every moment of your ceremony, enjoy all the details of your reception and ask your closest guests to help with the rest.

Top 10 items you’ll want to assign someone to take for you after your wedding:
-Guest Book
-Champagne Flutes
-Cake Knife & Server
-Extra Cake
-Extra Favors
-Extra Send-Off Items
-Unity Candle/Sand Ceremony Vases/Communion Glass
-Rental Items
-DIY Decorations & Pictures

Written by: Lauren Allen

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