5 Things to Discuss with your Potential Wedding Venue

We understand that most brides aren’t professional event planners and may not know what to ask when shopping for a wedding venue. Here are 5 topics to consider and discuss before visiting wedding venues:

1.  Availability – We suggest being flexible with your wedding date until you find a location. However, if your heart is set on a particular date, make sure you check availability up front. There is no sense in falling in love with a venue that won’t work for your schedule.

2.  Capacity – Make sure the venue has a space to match your guest count. You don’t need a grand ballroom for 40 guests, and there is no way to squeeze 400 guests in a space that is meant for 200.

3.  Cost – Ask for a cost estimate. It is easier to see if a venue will fit into your wedding budget when you see the total cost. An estimate should include any or all of the following: facility rental, food, beverage, coordination, sales tax, service charge, and other applicable services and fees. Make sure to also ask about required minimums and if certain dates may be less expensive than others.

4.  Amenities & Services – Find out exactly what you get for your money. (i.e. catering, tables, chairs, china, linens, centerpieces, sound system, etc.) Every venue will include different services and amenities. Knowing exactly what is included (and not included) will help you finalize your total wedding budget.

5.  Rules & Restrictions – These will vary from venue to venue. Restrictions may apply to décor, vendor selections, music, time blocks, food, beverage, and more. Don’t just assume that the sky is the limit; make sure you ask up front.

Written By:  Samantha Botello

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