5 Gift Ideas for Your Groom

Hey brides if you are pondering the idea of what to buy your groom for the ever so sweet gift exchange – don’t worry I have you covered!

Traditionally, the bride and groom gift exchange is symbolic of your love and commitment to each other. As with all traditions it is completely up to you (and your fiancé) whether you want to throw it out the window or not. The best thing to do is to talk it over together beforehand.

Below are five ideas for your groom gift:

1. Purchase an excursion (such as scuba diving with whale sharks) that your huz would love to do on your honeymoon.

2. Just a little risqué, but what groom wouldn’t love a mini album of your best boudoir photos? Many photographers have embraced this trend, so ask your photographer if this is a service they provide.

3. The most popular option is giving your groom cuff links, but make sure they are custom and represent your man perfectly! I know my boyfriend would love these California cuff links. (image via etsy)

4. Dress your husband up with a watch! It is one gift that will get the most use. (image via swell)

5. And, “finally the perfect way to keep a reminder of those important vows you made to each other” or even just a sweet note for your hubby! A sturdy piece of metal (how manly, right?) the size of a credit card that fits perfectly in his wallet. (image via etsy)

Written by:  Erin Todd, Wedding Sales Manager

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