Sweet Words from Our Guests

Here at Vintage Villas we take feedback from our guests seriously.  Whether it be feedback from an event or their night stay in one of our lovely rooms.  Since we love to hear what our guests have to say about Vintage Villas, we have a guest book at our hotel front desk where guests can write how their stay was.  Guests can write about our views, service, an event they attended, breakfast or whatever their mind can dream of.  We greatly enjoy reading these comments left in our guest book.  Here are some wonderful comments that guests have left for us:


We came to experience our wedding night and it was amazing.  We enjoyed the quite morning and balcony that over looked the lake was great!


Latino Leadership Council Internal Team had our retreat here and it was awesome!  Probably coming back in the fall.  Expect more of us!


Made my daughter’s wedding a fairytale come true.


The awe of it all. Beauty does not define it!  Majestic…..and beyond.  Cannot capture it.  Thank you!


Thank you for making our daughter’s wedding a beautiful, wonderful experience.  Great staff all the way around.


Beautiful!  I’m sure you read pages of compliments, which I will add to.  This hotel is truly unique and everybody is very nice!  Best wishes!


Very quiet and peaceful place.  Staff is super friendly.  I went on a run outside, very beautiful.  Lake looks great.  Theme of Vintage Villas is very unique.  Definitely recommend!


It was cow fur on the chairs.  That is why I like it.


Getting married today!  Thanks for everything.  Your hospitality is above and beyond.


C + C – Heaven!  We are in Heaven!


So wonderful to be back here!  We celebrated our wedding here almost 15 years ago!  Many wonderful traditions started then and many beautiful memories now.  Hope to be back in another 15!

June 2013

The Dumaneas family enjoyed everything here – the views, the food, etc.  Just became our top spot in Texas.


Awe inspiring with a breath-taking view.  So happy I stayed.


We love this place and have stayed here twice within 8 months.  Best place ever!  Stayed today for our 5 year anniversary.


This is a great spot for serenity and sharing with that special someone!  The views were spectacular!


Just what we wanted – a most relaxing time – loved the jacuzzi tub – breakfast was not only delicious but beautifully presented.


We are from Houston and this place is just phenomenally unique.   We enjoy our stay, thanks to everyone.  Stay the same for our next visit.

September 2013

Proposed to my girlfriend now fiancé.  Thank you Vintage Villas for making this a day I will remember forever.


Thank you guys for keeping the place so clean and well-kept!   We enjoyed our stay at your place and will definitely be back!  The breakfast is amazing!!!  Keep up the great work.


We had a fabulous stay!  Our first time here and we will come back…so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing!  Great food for breakfast too!  Thank you!


A beautiful place with gorgeous surroundings.  Like a world way and only 30 minutes from home.  The “Brownsville” room was perfect!


Thank you so much for the amazing vacation!  We loved your venue and would love to stay again.  Keep up the amazing work!

Come stay here with us at Vintage Villas so you can leave a fun comment for us to read!

Written by:  Mary Gividen, Sales Assistant

Vintage Villas Named Business of the Year

Vintage Villas was recently named the 2013 Business of the Year by the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce at the Annual Outstanding Achievement Award Luncheon. The Mission of the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce is to promote sound economic growth, assist members with business development and create awareness related to the outstanding characteristics of the unique South Lake Travis community.

Business of the Year is awarded to a company that shows a strong involvement with the Chamber, contributes to the community and has been in operation for 5 years or more. Lakeway Chief of Police, Todd Radford read the following aloud to the attendees, “A pillar of the community for almost 20 years dedicated to local activities and causes by supporting many local school activities, including, but not limited to, various band, drama, choir and soccer teams in addition to boy scout activities, FFA events, and local church silent auctions and fundraisers. Vintage Villas has graciously hosted Chamber meetings and luncheons at significantly discounted rates for over 10 years.” More 10 areas business’ were nominated for the title.

Thomas Porter, Owner & General Manager of Vintage Villas Hotel & Events was at the event and was elated to be the recipient of the prestigious award. “We are honored and proud to be named the 2013 Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year! It is a true pleasure to be a business owner in the Lake Travis community, we are thankful for the work the Chamber does on a daily basis to promote and support its’ business community. As a longtime member and supporter of the Lake Travis Chamber it is so incredible to be recognized with this great title.”


By: Mallory Voorheis, IOM :: Corporate Sales Manager :: Vintage Villas Hotel & Events

Going PRO vs. DIY

Although do-it-yourself weddings have occurred for decades, Pinterest, the economy and the “trend” of DIY has taken weddings to a new level; sometimes to a level I personally do not understand. Don’t get me wrong, literally putting your own personal touch on some aspects of your wedding can be charming and add sentimental or unique value. However, when you are considering “doing the wedding yourself” instead of hiring professionals, think twice.

I understand if you are thinking, “I’m on a budget and I’m not sure if I can afford professional vendors.” But know that there are more wedding professionals than ever willing and ready to assist you. Also, if you think that doing things yourself will save you money, the end results might cost you more (both financially and emotionally).

Take a look into the following vendors and see why hiring a wedding professional may be money well spent:

Food/Cake: People love to rave about a good meal, and love to complain about a bad one. Either way, your guests will remember the food. So while asking your mom to cook your favorite dishes or your aunt to make your cake may seem like a way to make things personal and save some money, the food and the cake are best left to the professionals. A caterer will know what foods are best served in which season, how to accommodate guests with dietary needs or restrictions, and how to cook on a large scale for an event with many guests. A baker will ensure the cake not only tastes great but looks great too!

 Photography: These days everyone knows someone with a quality camera and a good eye. But before you agree to let your mom’s friend or your neighbor take photos on your big day, remember that there are advantages to hiring a photographer. A professional won’t know anyone at the event, so they won’t be socializing and potentially miss important moments. A photographer will also understand where the lighting is best, what time of day is the best for different kinds of shots, and will think to get different shots that a family friend might not consider. Your wedding photos will be treasured forever, so consider hiring a pro to capture your special day.

Music: It’s certainly inexpensive and easy to make a playlist on your iPod. But a band or a DJ has a presence, and is there for the opportunity to add another layer of warmth, personality, and vibe to your wedding. Asking a friend to manage the music and make the announcements is asking them to work and not enjoy your wedding. A DJ or Band MC can take requests, set the pace of the event, and change the types of music they’re playing based on the mood of the crowd—your iPod can’t.

Flowers: Deciding to have flowers or not or choosing to have real ones or fake ones is a no-brainer. Even if you want to limit the amount of flowers at your wedding, definitely go with real ones. Fake flowers are just that…fake. They are not as pretty, do not have that sweet fragrance and do not represent such an honest and pure day. Also, if you are having an outdoor wedding, real flower petals are biodegradable, where wind blows “silk” petals everywhere leaving the grounds littered. Hiring a professional florist will save you precious time on the day of your wedding too. Picking up flowers, cutting them and arranging them might seem like a good idea, until your big day comes and you find yourself rushing to get dressed, wanting to spend time with your bridal party and starting to stress.

Planning/Coordinating: Sure, you’re organized, you know exactly what you want, you like being in control, and you enjoy the planning. But whether you choose to have a planner for the entire duration of the wedding, or a day-of coordinator, professional help can mean the difference between an event that feels handmade and inviting, and an event that feels rushed and disorganized. A coordinator dedicates themselves to making sure you and your fiancé are happy, that the event will look as good in real life as it does in your head, and ensures that the end of your wedding is perfectly wrapped up nice and neat. Having a planner will allow you to be worry-free and truly experience your wedding day.

Your wedding is possibly the one and only opportunity that you will host the largest celebration of your life with the people that mean the most to you. So why not treat yourself and your loved ones to a stress-free time with great food, amazing service and quality products provided by professionals? After all, it is your wedding day!


Written by:  Lauren Allen, Director of Sales and Marketing