A Vintage Villas’ Menu

Jun and Mikaila (aka cutest couple EVER) were married at Vintage Villas last Saturday, and they served one of my favorite menus – Asian Fusion Menu!

This is one of the newest themed menus, and you have your option of either Pan Fried Rice with Ginger, Peas, and Eggs or Wasabi Mashed Potatoes. This menu provides one passed hors d’oeuvre and a stationed display that is served during your cocktail hour for all the guests to enjoy!

Written by:  Erin Todd, Wedding Sales Manager

Great Action Stations for Your Event

Action stations are a great idea for any kind of event.  Your guests have the opportunity to make the item exactly the way they like it.  Vintage Villas offers the following action stations for your guests to enjoy…..

*Martini Mashed Potato Bar:  Mashed potatoes are served in a martini glass and guests can put on whatever toppings they choose from cheddar cheese, bacon bits, butter, chives and sour cream

MP 2

*Personalized Candy Bar:  We will provide all the glass bowls and serving scoops while you provide all the candy.  Your candy can be all the same color or multi-color.  Whatever fits best for your event.


*Late Night Snack:  Your guests will love our salty snacks.  For this we will lay out potato and tortillas chips, pretzels, mixed nuts, salsa and roasted red pepper dip.

*Coffee, Liqueur and Sweets Bar:  Although it is not a snack to munch on, this action station is delicious!  It consists of rich Citavo Columbian coffee, assorted flavored coffee syrups, Frangelica, Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Jameson’s Irish Whiskey and Bailey’s Irish cream, whipped cream, freshly ground nutmeg, cinnamon stir sticks and chocolate shavings.

Here’s some other delicious dessert ideas you could do on your own….

*S’mores Bar: Have a variety of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate for your guests to make the ultimate s’more.

People en Espanol

*Jell-O/Chocolate Pudding Bar:  Have cups filled with different flavors of Jell-O and chocolate pudding with a variety of toppings for your guests.

Jell-O Chocolate Pudding

*Root Beer Floats:  Provide different flavors of sodas and ice creams so your guests can mix and match flavors and experience new types of root beer floats.

Root Beer Float

*Banana Splits:  Your favorite flavor of ice cream and tons of toppings is all you need to make this.

Banana Split

*Ice Cream Sundae:  Set out all different flavors of ice cream and toppings galore.

Ice Cream Sundae

Toppings for the above ideas could include:  Cool whip, whipped cream, a variety of nuts, a variety of syrups, a variety of small candy pieces, sprinkles, some fresh fruit or cherries and whatever else your heart desires!


For more ideas of tasty action stations for your guests, visit our Pinterest page.


Written by:  Mary Gividen, Wedding Sales Assistant

RFP’s – Are you getting Full Disclosure?

RFP’s, we all ask for them but are there other questions that you need to be asking other than how much per person your meals, beverages and facility will cost you? Yes!

Often times you receive a proposal from your potential meeting facility and the price looks great! It fits within your budget and you might even be eager to book. Pause and read through the fine print then refer back to your list of wants and needs as well as the meeting event package that you were given from the potential facility. Sometimes the place with the best room rate has several “hidden” fees and therefore is not the best overall price. Will there be any additional fees, have they included tax, what is the service charge? Answering all of these questions beforehand will help you determine the best price and ensure that there are no surprises when you receive your final bill.

Here is a short list for you to reference the next time you request a RFP, check to make sure these extras are included. If they aren’t ask for them!

–          Sales Tax
–          Hotel Occupancy Tax
–          Service Charge
–          Resort Fee
–          Greens Fee
–          Chef’s Fee (sometimes incurred with a carving station)
–          Plated Service Fee
–          Minimum Guest Count Fee (sometimes incurred when a particular menu has       been chosen)

By: Mallory Voorheis, IOM ::  Corporate Sales Manager  ::  Vintage Villas Hotel & Events

Meet Vintage Villas’ Rooms Division Manager!

Our Rooms Division Manager, Kristi Easley-Rock, has managed our hotel rooms for over five years. When asked what she loves most about working at Vintage Villas, she says, “having relationships with our guests, being a part of our sweet couples’ special day, and enhancing one’s experience.” She adds that an extra bonus is that her co-workers are like family.

Kristi assists our Bride and Grooms with Hotel Room Block Contracts, but her responsibilities include much more. She oversees all front desk associates, housekeeping and maintenance teams to ensure a friendly, clean and maintained Vintage Villas. “I manage the teams to provide the very best experience we can give our guests.”

Outside of Vintage Villas, Kristi stays very busy enjoying her two children. In addition to their school schedules, her kids are involved in various sports that keep her hopping to and from practices and games.

She is also a huge fan of the outdoors! “Anytime I can be outdoors, that’s where you will find me, whether it’s practicing sports with the kiddos, yard work, walking the dogs, camping, cookouts, or swimming.” And in the quieter moments she looks forward to a good book, a movie and pinning on Pinterest.

Kristi is a tremendous asset to Vintage Villas; she is a hardworking individual who has a fun and light-hearted personality. And it’s not just us that think so high of her. Hear from a recent bride who took the time to contact Kristi after her wedding…

“Hi Kristi! I wanted to say thank you!! You helped me a lot through this whole process; you were very patient and sweet with me and my guests. Everybody felt happy and pleased with my choice of the hotel and that was thanks to you. We had the best time!!!! I was so worried because we had guests coming from so many places and I wanted them to be happy to be there, and you helped with that. Everybody was happy and had the best time!! So thank you for all your help and your time, you did an amazing job with us. Thanks again!”   – June 8, 2013 Bride

Written by:  Lauren Allen, Director of Sales and Marketing