Meet the Chef

Chef & Cartoon

Chef Steve and his look-alike Linguini from Ratatouille

Commonly referred to as “Chef” around Vintage Villas, our Executive Chef Steve Michalzik has been creating inspired dishes for our clients since 2004.

Chef Steve is a health conscious, easy-going, tri-athlete that often rides his bike to Vintage Villas from his home in South Austin.

He prepares menus ranging from authentic Texas Barbecue to an Asian Fusion cuisine that includes wasabi mashed potatoes. Yum! Steve is seasoned in accommodating your guests’ vegetarian and vegan needs and is attentive to anyone with dietary restrictions.

Clients and guests alike compliment our chef’s food on a daily basis and we never get tired of hearing the great feedback! Vintage Villas is proud to have “Chef” Steve Michalzik as an integral part of the team.

The food was so delicious. I received compliments the entire night about how good the food was! It not only looked delicious but it tasted amazing as well!” – May 25, 2013 Bride

Written by:  Lauren Allen, Director of Sales and Marketing

Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

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At Vintage Villas, many of our couples ask if they should hire a wedding planner/coordinator. Though it is not required, here is some insight into why you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner:

1.  You’re Too Busy – Let’s face it, you have other stuff going on besides your wedding – work, family, buying a house, having a social life, etc. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Wedding planners can help by taking on the time and stress involved in the wedding planning process. This will allow you to enjoy your engagement and go on living your life.

2. They’ve Got Connections – A wedding planner’s job is to ensure an entire event comes together so they have to maintain relationships with a variety of vendors and wedding professionals. They have the inside scoop on vendors based on actual experience, and they can connect you with vendors based on your specific needs or vision.

3.  They Know Money – Most brides have never planned a wedding before and have no idea where to start or how much things cost. Planners have experience working with a variety of budgets. They can help you prioritize where to spend your money based on the things that are really important to you. They can also give you a realistic perspective on standard industry costs.

4.  They’re Not Your Mother – When planning a wedding, you will get a lot of opinions from your family and friends. Some of these opinions may not fit into the ideal vision you have for your wedding, but it can be hard to disagree with your loved ones. A wedding planner can help this situation by being a third-party expert. They can offer insight and suggestions based on knowledge and experience rather than personal preference or opinion.

5.  You Shouldn’t Work on Your Wedding Day – There are a lot of little details to take care of before and after your wedding – setting up decorations, putting out favors, handling payments, gathering up gifts, counting rental items, and more. You may find yourself running around while your hair and make-up artists need you to stay still or your family and friends may be burdened with these responsibilities. A wedding planner can take care of everything so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy your special day.

6.  One Size Does Not Fit All – Planners can help as little or as much as you need. They have full planning services, day of coordination packages, and a la carte options. Whether you are just not that into the wedding planning process at all or you just need some help on the wedding day, they can create a package to fit your needs.

As an added bonus at Vintage Villas, we will waive our timeline coordinator fee if you hire a professional wedding planner.  Here are some of our recommendations:

Written by: Samantha Botello, Wedding Sales Manager

Dresses to Love

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I always love to see brides think outside the box when it comes to choosing the wedding party’s outfits. I absolutely adore feminine + neutral dresses for bridesmaids. These are just a few of my favorites from these online shops.

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Written by: Erin Todd, Wedding Sales Manager

10 Ways to Relax From the Stress of Planning Your Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding can be very stressful.  No matter how low key or top notch your wedding may be, there is still so much planning involved to make your day perfect.  As your wedding approaches, your level of stress will probably increase.  Therefore, it is important to find different ways to help yourself relax.  Here are ten ideas of ways you can relax:

photo via Spa at the Lake

1.  Have a spa day.  Find a spa and go get pampered with a massage.  Maybe even get your nails done!
2.  Yoga or meditation can help to free your mind of stress.
3.  Put on some comfy sweats, grab your favorite bottle of wine and some popcorn and turn on your favorite movie.
4.  Think of your favorite hobby and go do it.  Whether it’s only for an hour or a whole day it will get your mind off of wedding planning.
5.  Go on a drive down an open road while listening to your favorite music.
6.  Take some time to get outside and exercise.  You can walk, run, or even play your favorite sport.
7.  Put on your bathing suit and relax in a hot tub.
8.  If you like to journal, then set aside some time to write in yours.
9.  Sit down and enjoy reading a good book.
10.  Get some sleep.  We all know that the closer your wedding day comes, the less sleep you get.  So make sure you are getting the full amount of sleep your body needs.

Go relax and take your mind off of planning your wedding for a bit!

* Some of these relaxation ideas were borrowed from The Knot and Wikihow.  Visit these sites for more ideas.

Written By:  Mary Gividen, Wedding Sales Assistant