The Highlights of Austin

Are you or any of your wedding guests new to Austin?  Do you need ideas of fun activities to participate in while here for the weekend?  Well look no longer!  Here are some great ideas of places to go, see, and eat while here in Austin.

There are many fun water activities here in Austin.  Lady Bird Lake is a great place to go if you like to kayak, canoe, paddle board, paddle boat, and much more!  You can also take your whole wedding party on a boat ride either at Lady Bird Lake or Lake Travis where you can enjoy the view without the work.







Barton Springs Pool is another great place to go when the weather is hot.  It is a fun place to swim for all ages.



If you want to travel a little outside of Austin to go swimming, Hamilton Pool is the place.  With just a small hike in, you arrive to a new world.  Hamilton Pool has the feel of a beach mixed with a beautiful waterfall.  It is a great spot to swim and soak up some sun.


Volente Beach is another fun place.  At Volente Beach, adults can eat and drink while children can play at the water park.  It is a great place for everyone!

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If you do not feel like getting wet, there are many things to do downtown that do not involve water.  One fun activity is to walk on the paths on either side of Lady Bird Lake.  While walking, you can see the lake (and sometimes turtles swimming on the edge), beautiful trees, the city buildings, as well as many others walking and having a great time.


The State Capitol Building it a great tourist attraction.  You can join a tour or go explore the capitol yourself.


6th Street is also a great place to go, especially on weekend evenings.  If you love music and bars, then it is the place to be.


You can’t miss taking a classic picture by the “I Love You So Much” wall on Congress Avenue/James Street.  It will make for an unforgettable picture that you and your friends will love.


If you thrive on adventure seeking activities, zip lining over Lake Travis is the outdoor activity for you!  Although it is not downtown, it is a blast and a fun adventure.


Lastly, Austin is known for its bats.  Between the months of March and October, thousands of bats fly out from the bridge on Congress Avenue at dusk.  I guarantee it is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.  This is definitely something you do not want to miss out on.

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As you can see, Austin has some great activities to participate in.  However, after a while you might get hungry and need a place to eat.  Well you’re in luck because Austin has some great places to eat as well.  The Oasis is a great restaurant that is located near Vintage Villas.  It overlooks Lake Travis and is a great place to eat while seeing Austin’s beautiful sunsets.

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Steiner Ranch Steakhouse is another great place to eat that is located close to Vintage Villas as well.  They have delicious steaks and much more.

Via Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

Austin has many great food trailers to eat at downtown.  They serve Mexican food, burgers and fries, dessert, and much more.

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Last, but not least, Hopdoddy is an amazing place to eat.  The line can be long, but if you love all-natural and homemade burgers and fries then it is the place to go.  They have amazing drinks as well.  You will not be disappointed.


Have fun exploring Austin with your wedding guests and make sure to check out some of these ideas.  Enjoy the Texas Hill Country while you’re here!


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Written By:  Mary Gividen

Spring Weddings

Spring is here!  I love spring because it is full of beautiful colors, blooming flowers, fresh fruit, and new life.  It provides many beautiful ways to decorate, especially for a wedding.  In every wedding, no matter what time of year, every bride always plans details, details and more details to make her wedding perfect.  So here are some ideas to add the beauty of spring into the little details of your wedding.


To incorporate spring into your hair, try adding some flowers or fresh herbs.  A flower or herb garland is beautiful.  However, if you do not like garlands, try pinning just a few flowers into your hair.


We all know that every bride wants a beautiful cake.  Having a beautiful cake is one of the most important details of your wedding day.  Fruit and flowers look beautiful on any cake and help to bring out the colors and beauty of spring.


Another important detail of each wedding is the decorations.  Whether decorations may be on the dining room tables, sign-in table, present table, or anywhere else, they are very important and help to truly make your wedding perfect.  To bring out that spring feel, try decorating with bird nests.


If you want to use candles as part of your decorations, try a beeswax candle or perhaps tie some flowers or herbs around your candle.


As far as centerpieces for dining room tables, fill a large bird’s nest with spring flowers or maybe even use fruit as your centerpiece.


To help each place setting have a spring tone, try using a pastel napkin and tying some flowers or herbs on top.

Last, but not least, wedding favors are another important aspect of any wedding.  It is hard to think of cute and unique wedding favors that your guests will enjoy.  If you need ideas for cute spring favors, try some of these ideas.  Flower pins can be worn by your guests during and after your wedding.  They are reuseable and crafty.

Flower or herb seeds, are a fun way for your guests to make their home bloom and they are eco-friendly.

Another fun idea is finding any box, adding a beautiful flower on top, and filling it with your favorite candy.  Your guests will love the box and of course the sweets inside.

Lastly, honey and jam are unique and tasty favors that every guest would love.  If homemade jam is too much work, buy jam at the store and put it into small jars with a homemade label and cover the top with spring fabric.


Enjoy planning your spring wedding and hopefully some of these ideas will be useful!

Written By:  Mary Gividen