10 Ways to Relax From the Stress of Planning Your Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding can be very stressful.  No matter how low key or top notch your wedding may be, there is still so much planning involved to make your day perfect.  As your wedding approaches, your level of stress will probably increase.  Therefore, it is important to find different ways to help yourself relax.  Here are ten ideas of ways you can relax:

photo via Spa at the Lake

1.  Have a spa day.  Find a spa and go get pampered with a massage.  Maybe even get your nails done!
2.  Yoga or meditation can help to free your mind of stress.
3.  Put on some comfy sweats, grab your favorite bottle of wine and some popcorn and turn on your favorite movie.
4.  Think of your favorite hobby and go do it.  Whether it’s only for an hour or a whole day it will get your mind off of wedding planning.
5.  Go on a drive down an open road while listening to your favorite music.
6.  Take some time to get outside and exercise.  You can walk, run, or even play your favorite sport.
7.  Put on your bathing suit and relax in a hot tub.
8.  If you like to journal, then set aside some time to write in yours.
9.  Sit down and enjoy reading a good book.
10.  Get some sleep.  We all know that the closer your wedding day comes, the less sleep you get.  So make sure you are getting the full amount of sleep your body needs.

Go relax and take your mind off of planning your wedding for a bit!

* Some of these relaxation ideas were borrowed from The Knot and Wikihow.  Visit these sites for more ideas.

Written By:  Mary Gividen, Wedding Sales Assistant

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