10 Things to Look for in a Meeting Facility


When looking for a meeting facility you probably have a few keys things in mind. Surely, among the top would be things like price, location and room size. What about all the other little details? What makes one venue better than the other when it comes to the space your attendees, perhaps executives, will be in all day? I believe that a smooth and well organized event begins with the venue itself. The tiniest of details are important and can literally enhance or cripple your meeting. Consider these 10 things the next time you are searching for the perfect venue for your meeting:

Windows: Put yourself in the shoes of your guests, would you want to be stuck in a hole with no natural lighting all day going through facts, numbers, brainstorming, etc? If you do not have the option of having natural lighting, try to go with a space that is larger than you really need so that guests have plenty of room and don’t feel quite so closed in.

Outdoor or Private Space: Is there a space nearby the meeting facility where guests can step out to have a one-on-one session, answer a phone call or take a break? This isn’t necessarily a must have but will always be appreciated.

Electrical Outlets: Seems obvious that a space would have multiple outlets, right? Yes, they will, but what you will want to think about is if your guests will need access to them, i.e. will there be multiple guests who need to plug a laptop in? If so, are the outlets near meeting tables or in the ground that can be easily accessed?

Multiple Restrooms: Might sound silly to consider but imagine when your group will be taking breaks. Will they be short breaks that require your guests to be back to their seats quickly? If so, make sure there are multiple facilities near the meeting space. If not, ask your Sales Representative where others are so that you may point your guests in the right direction.

WIFI: ASK! Most places will have WIFI. What you really want to know is 1) the password, be prepared and have this information BEFORE the meeting begins and 2) is there a fee associated with the WIFI? Don’t be blind-sided the day of your meeting.

Parking: Is there adequate parking for all guests? If not, is there a parking lot or garage nearby with shuttle service (if needed)? Is there a fee associated with on or off site parking? The last thing you want is for an attendee to not have a space and then find themselves paying to park. If attendees will have to pay to park try to pre-arrange payment for them.

Location: Not only the physical location of the property but think of how your guests will reach the meeting facility. Will they be walking through a hallway, parking garage or outdoor area? Is there proper signage to direct guests?

A/V: Does the meeting facility have all A/V equipment you will need? Do they use a 3rd party? Make sure to think through each detail including extension cords, speakers, lighting, etc. If they use a 3rd party, ask for their information so you may speak with them directly.

Planner Room: If you are staying on-site but not attending the meeting, ask if there is nearby room that you can utilize as an “office”. Planners are typically the ones who have the agendas, packets, name badges, swag bags, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that you can be organized for the day?

Hidden Fees:  These can be frustrating! Ask your Sales Representative to provide you with a list of fees to be expected, service charge, resort fee, WIFI, parking, etc. You will look like a rock star when you come in right on or under budget, knowing these fees upfront will help you stay on track.

By: Mallory Voorheis, IOM ::  Corporate Sales Manager  :: Vintage Villas Hotel & Events

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