Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Our renovated Events Center has been open for 4 Months now and it was time we shared it with our Community. We partnered with the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony showcasing our Events Center.  Our General Manager, Thomas Porter, describes our new Events Center as “an uninterrupted 4800 sq ft event space with large picture windows to best take in the views of Lake Travis and the surrounding Hill Country.”  Thomas and the Vintage Villas Team worked together to design and recreate a multi-use event space that our Brides and Grooms would love as well as corporate businesses.

Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was our invitation for the Lake Travis and Austin Community to see our new space. We partnered with the local vendors to make a successful event; from having custom floral to delicious new flavored cupcakes, our event had it all!

Samantha Blanton with Blanton Florals, took the time to work with our Director of Sales, Katie Brinkman and coordinate a brilliant idea and design for our space.

“My inspiration for the floral and decor started with the color scheme of blush and navy, creating a classic beauty look.  When I saw the chandeliers I envisioned spotlighting those with greenery while showing the height and openness of the room.  So hanging flowers was a perfect way to do this.  The hanging flowers created a dreamy, natural fairytale ambiance.  I chose the funzie blush pink table cloths to add texture and a light airy feeling.  The sequin blue and blush table cloths topped off the classy look.” Samantha Blanton, Blanton Floral.

Samantha’s designs were complimented with Sugar Shaker Bakery’s delicious cupcakes and cookies matching the color scheme of the event. The Sugar Shaker Bakery and Stand By Me Events Team allowed our guests to meet other local vendors in the area!

Our partner, the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce played a huge part in the success of our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Not only did they provide the ribbon, they also invited their members to be a part of our celebration! Our Executive Chef, Steve Michalzik, created a custom menu including crawfish beignets and a chicken taco and salsa bar.

We would like to thank Laura Mitchell with the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce, Samantha Blanton with Blanton Floral, Sugar Shaker Bakery, Stand By Me Events, Pam Holts Photography, Altared Wedding *& Events, Premiere Event Rrntals ,and everyone that came out for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.


Wedding Coordinator Vs. Venue Coordinator

It’s time to get the show on the road and start the wedding planning. As your scouting out venues and touring our property, the word “venue coordinator” or “in-house coordination” is bound to pop up. What does this mean? Is it the same thing as as Wedding Coordinator? Where is J-Lo in all of this? If you’re not in the industry or helped plan your sister’s wedding this can be a bit confusing. Here are a few key differences in what a venue coordinator does for you vs. a wedding coordinator.

  1. Venue! 

Venue Coordinator- We are responsible for delivering your contracted items. We are here to make sure your tables, chairs, and linens are set up accurately in our facility. We work directly with our operations team in banquets and the kitchen to ensure that we are delivering the proper quality and numbers.

Wedding Coordinator- A Wedding Coordinator becomes responsible for everything the venue has to offer. They become the lead contact for the venue coordinator, operations team, and you. Wedding Coordinator’s make sure the vendors arrive on time with the correct items to the right place! The Wedding Coordinator will set up and take down of any decorations. They will follow a diagram and make sure everything is in the right place.

  1. Vendors!

Venue Coordinator- We provide you a list of our preferred vendors. These are some of our favorite people and companies to work with that give our clients quality & amazing results!

Wedding Coordinator- A wedding coordinator will help you pick your vendors based on your budget, personality, and vision. They will most likely attend meetings with vendors  and help make decor and design decisions with you.  A Wedding Coordinator is the main point of contact for the vendors. If a vendor is lost or forgot a bouquet, they will be in contact with the Wedding Coordinator. They will also distribute final payments and tips to the vendors day of your wedding.

  1. Timeline!

Venue Coordinator- Our Event Managers will create an operational timeline for our team and vendors. The timeline includes: ceremony start time, meal times, bar times, cake cutting, toasts, first dance, and tear down.

Wedding Coordinator- You can expect a Wedding Coordinator to create a detailed timeline involving EVERYTHING for your wedding day. It includes but not limited to: your arrival time, hair & make up schedule, all vendor arrival times, meals, photo times, first look, ceremony start time, cocktail hour,  DJ start time, all dances, all toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, grand exit, etc. A wedding coordinator will also send out the timeline to your family and bridal party to ensure everyone, including your never-on-time brother, actually shows up on time for your wedding! The goal of the wedding coordinator is to always know every single thing happening to every single person involved in your wedding.

  1. Ceremony!

Venue Coordinator-  It’s time! Our Venue Coordinator’s will line up your bridal party as practiced in the rehearsal. We are cuing the DJ or band for any song changes and will let you know when it’s time to start walking down the aisle.

Wedding Coordinator- Before the start time they will set out any decor at the ceremony site. They will check with the vendors and confirm that they are ready to start on time and have everything they need. The Wedding Coordinator will also line up your bridal party and communicate with the music for perfect timing. After the ceremony the Wedding Coordinator will assist with getting you to your sunset photos, bringing you and your husband your favorite cocktails, and some of the appetizers!

  1. Reception!

Venue Coordinator- We will be making sure all food is out according to your timeline and contract. Our venue coordinator’s make sure you get a plate of your delicious meal. We also communicate with the DJ/MC about any announcements, toasts, and music cues. During the reception we are focusing on our operations to ensure an amazing quality of service. We also will be reminding you and your groom when to cut the cut, champagne toasts, dances etc.

Wedding Coordinator- The reception is the wedding coordinators time to shine. Before the reception they will have made sure all the candles lit, the linen color is correct, and the decor is in the right place. The wedding coordinator will set out and check all escort cards and seating charts are out and correct. They spend their reception time making sure the newlyweds, parents, and bridal party are all happy with their food and service. They also cue anyone involved in a toast or dance when to get ready, where to stand, and when it’s time to start. The wedding coordinator is communicating with the DJ/MC about the timeline and will make any time changes necessary. The wedding coordinator will collect all the gifts & envelopes and place them in a pre-determined safe place.

SO, in short, A Venue Coordinator is focused on ensuring the venue is giving you exactly what you contracted. We are making sure our food and service quality is above standards and exceeding your expectations. A Wedding Coordinator is going to be helping you with all aspects of the wedding including decor, bridal party, and any situations that may occur. Any issues with your dress bridal party, or guests switching tables will fall on the wedding coordinator. J.Lo may not be on our preferred wedding coordinator list but reach out to your sales manager for our recommendations!

Lauren & Ben’s Wedding

                    Congratulations to Vintage Villas’ Beautiful couple Lauren & Ben!


Lauren and Ben’s Wedding was definitely a day filled with love and happiness. With great weather and a romantic sunset ceremony under the Gazebo, the happy couple was able to share their special day with their closest friends and family. The true spark however, came from Lauren & Ben’s contagious smiles throughout the night.

Check out Lauren and Ben’s Love Story & Wedding at Vintage Villas Hotel and Events on Angela King Photography’s blog: http://blog.angelakingphotography.com/lauren-and-ben-at-vi…/

2016 Vintage Villas Dream Wedding Giveaway

The winner of the “2016 Vintage Villas Dream Wedding Giveaway” has been announced.We wish to thank everyone and give our congratulations to Melissa & Todd along with and the many other great couples who entered.

Melissa & Todd


 Here is Melissa’s story

“Yes, I can come help you clean your house because you are sick”.  That was it. I was hooked. I told my girlfriends about what my new boyfriend was willing to do for me and they immediately said, ” You have to marry that man!”  Fast forward three years, lots of love and drama later and he takes me to Mount Bonnell  at sunset and asks me to do something I have never done before, become his wife.


My name is Melissa and I am a middle school teacher. Todd is a social worker with the Department of Family and Protective Services. We spend our days (and nights) helping kids. We want kids to  have better lives through education and opportunities. I coach a UIL team and also coordinate a group of kids that promote study skills and being a good student.  Todd works with foster youth that are about to age out of care. He helps kids work to get into college or trade school and learn the skills to be a functioning adult in society.

We live almost check to check. Family is not really able to help us with the cost of the wedding so it is up to us. We are able to save just a little each month to try to afford the wedding we feel we can be proud of. I think that we deserve to win this dream wedding because we love each and dedicate our time to better the world. Winning this wedding package would allow us to celebrate with our friends and family in a way I think we have earned. A wedding should be a reflection of a couple and the community of love around them; a Vintage Villas dream wedding would reflect our community of love.




Vintage Villas Hotel and Events offers one of the best views in Austin for weddings and portrait sessions.  This is a great location for a “sunset wedding”.  The view not only provides an awesome backdrop for wedding ceremonies, but is great for the after wedding portraits of the bride and groom.  Below are some photo examples that AJH Photography captured at Vintage Villas.  We love shooting out there, and the photos show it!

Capture Capture3 Capture4 Capture 5 Capture 7 Capture2

 Images via AJH Photography

Summer Fun on Lake Travis

Temperatures are warming up here at Vintage Villas, which means it’s time for some fun in the sun. Here are some ideas for your next trip to Lake Travis:

Just For Fun Rentals

Just for Fun Rentals offers a variety of watercrafts including Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats,  Waverunners, and even Party Barges.


Image via www.jff.net

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Zip across scenic Lake Travis inlets and canyons for a high-flying thrill.

LT Zipline

Image via www.ziplaketravis.com

Texas Sailing

Texas Sailing offers unforgettable experiences with captained sails or sailboat rentals.

Sailboat Rentals

Image via www.texassailing.com

Falconhead Golf Club

Falconhead is a public course laid out by the experts from the PGA Tour Design Center.


Image via www.falconheadaustin.com/

Patio Time

There is no shortage of great places to enjoy the breathtaking Lake Travis views while sipping a cocktail. Here are some of our favorites:

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse


Image via www.steinersteakhouse.com

The Oasis


Image via www.oasis-austin.com

Iguana Grill

Drink with Lake Background

Image via www.iguanagrillaustin.com

Written by:  Samantha Botello, Catering Sales Manager

Honoring Mom at Your Wedding

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and of course I’m running around thinking of special ways to honor my amazing mom and grandma. Sometimes it seems near impossible to pay your mom back for all her unconditional love and support, but even the smallest of gestures I’m sure will make her go all misty-eyed. What better time to show her some appreciation than at your wedding? Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

1. Have her walk you down the aisle!
If Dad is no longer in your life, don’t think you need to find a male replacement – mom can certainly do the job! Or another idea, have both your parents walk you down the aisle.

image via Pinterest

2. Give your photographer a shot list that incorporates a special moment with your mom.
Such as her putting your veil on, a first look in your wedding dress, or recreate a moment from her wedding day.

image via Whitney Lee Photography

3. And, grooms don’t forget that your mom will always cherish her mother-son dance.
Since there are no rules when choosing a song for the dance feel free to think outside the box! As long as the song reflects your relationship with her, the dance will always be a sweet memory.

image via Todd White Photography

Written by:  Erin Todd, Wedding Sales Manager

Intelligent Lighting Design

Vintage Villas is proud to announce the recent partnership with Intelligent Lighting Design, better known as ILD! When we first met with the ILD team, their excitement for lighting was contagious and we have been very satisfied with the production we have seen! To introduce ILD to you we asked them to share who they are and what they are all about, and we are thrilled to see more of our future events all lit up!


Photo by Patrick Motola

What makes ILD stand out amongst other lighting companies?

In 2006, ILD opened its doors to the event industry and made history by designing & manufacturing their own cutting-edge iDesign LED lighting series for special events.  Through ingenuity and in-house design, ILD created an affordable way to illuminate any event with color-matching capabilities and endless possibilities.


Photo by Brett Buchhanan

Lighting advice specifically for Vintage Villas’ brides and corporate clients:

Intelligent Lighting Design is ecstatic to have Vintage Villas as a corporate partner because of the versatility of the venue! Vintage Villas has white walls allowing clients to get as creative as they want. Uplighting will be the biggest bang for your buck; creating an experience for all attendees!


Photo by Stephanie Hunter

 Upcoming trends!

Upcoming trends include monogram projections on dance floors or walls. The great aspect of a patterned dance floor is that you can create the dance floor size of your choice instantly. Because you do not need to rent a dance floor at Vintage Villas, we can project the shape and dimensions of the allocated dance floor area with breakup patterns. This is amazing because we have over 800+ patterns to choose from – essentially that’s 800+ dance floor optional looks!


Photo by Stephanie Hunter

For more information on ILD or to get a quote for your event, visit their website http://www.ildlighting.com/ or give them a call at 512.553.4226 and see how they can illuminate your event!


Written by:  Lauren Allen, Director of Sales and Marketing