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Lauren’s Favorites
Director of Sales & Marketing

Not your ordinary dinner and a movie night. Preston and I regularly go to The Alamo Draft House Cinema, where we enjoy a movie while eating a great dinner. Sample local beers or enjoy other drinks like their frozen swirl margaritas. There are four locations in Austin and you can even order your tickets online at It’s best to get there 30-45 minutes before show time and bring a light jacket, as the temp stays chilly for the busy wait staff.

For a hike, a picnic, or to just take in a great view, head to Austin's Mt. Bonnell. It is one of Austin's oldest tourist attractions and it’s free! Just off of FM 2222 you’ll find the highest point within Austin City Limits at 785 feet. It can get crowded on weekends, try going during the week.

The place to go for the best treat in Austin is Amy’s Ice Cream! Amy’s is a local company that serves desserts from sundaes, frozen yogurts and traditional ice creams. Plain vanilla with their to-die-for hot fudge is my favorite, but they can customize over a hundred flavors and they even have delicious non-dairy treats! The Amy’s Ice Cream at the Arboretum is the perfect location to enjoy ice cream, shop boutique stores and experience great outdoors all at once!