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Kris’s Favorite
Rooms Division Manager

On my days off I like to inner tube down the Guadalupe River. It’s about an hour drive from the hotel so it is a ½ day to day long activity. There are several places along the river to rent tubes. You can rent a tube for about $10.00. Then just get in the river and float as long as you like. The tube rental places will pick you up when you want to get out at their designated exit points along the river and drive you back to your car. Take a 2, 4 or 6 hour float! Here are the tips: #1 Bring sunscreen. #2 Rent a tube that has a bottom. #3 Rent an additional tube for your cooler – you can resupply buying beer, snacks and other bevs along the way. Remember, styrofoam coolers and glass bottles are not allowed.