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Samantha’s Favorite
Wedding Sales Specialist

Here are my two favorite bars:

Mean Eyed Cat on West 5th street: A great patio bar with cheap beer and wine. The entire bar is dedicated to the late great Johnny Cash. You can find this in the décor and the live music (which is playing almost nightly.) Josh our maintenance person, plays there almost every Thursday night. Downtown on West 5th street.

Stubb’s Bar-B-Que Cold Beer & Live Music: They always have great concerts on the week days and weekends. This is where a lot of the larger acts that come to Austin will play. They have great food that is served during the concert and the tickets can easily be purchased in advance on their website. Most concerts are all ages which is nice and start at times that are easy for families to be able to go to. Also, on Sundays they have a Gospel Brunch which is really fun for families to go to and it a great meal with a ton of breakfast and barbeque options. (very reasonably priced and all information is available online.)