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Vintage Villas 2017 Dream Wedding

Presenting Our Winning Couple:

Maribel & Brock


Maribel and Brock 2017 Vintage Villas Dream Wedding WinnersAfter our first trip to my hometown, my dad turned to Brock and said, “You take care of her.” Brock responded “Yes sir, I will. She takes care of me too!” There was so much power in those last six words; I knew then, I would marry him. Those words showed me how much he appreciated and embraced who I am, we would be partners throughout our relationship and lives. Being born with a physical disability, I often wondered if someone would be able to look past the crutches and leg braces to see the strong, independent woman I am. With Brock, it was never a question. He is the most gentle, selfless, and patient man that has made his way into my life, because of that we will experience and overcome life’s challenges together.

I’m Maribel, a kindergarten teacher, to children who are deaf/ hard of hearing. I’ve dedicated my life to supporting children, so they can find their ‘voice’ in the world. I also volunteer to co-teach a sign language class for Spanish speaking parents because I feel passionately about helping families communicate and connect with one another. Brock has been a master mechanic in the area for over 20 years and despite his physically demanding job he continuously finds the time to help with my work related projects. We are hard working people and have built a relationship that is deeply rooted in understanding and thoughtfulness; one we believe is worthy of a #VVDreamWedding.

Our families live hours away so a #VVDreamWedding will allow ALL that are dear to us to unite in celebration of our marriage. We have planned for a lengthy engagement to save for a modest wedding; winning the #VVDreamWedding will help us minimize the wait for us to be Husband and Wife.